Of course not, being a pup is a certain mindset. Of course, gear can simplify the mindset and be exciting, even good looking. Gear can be expensive but is definitely worth it if you feel this is something you want to do.

We recommend that you buy a mask and start there if you are a little unsure, it is a expensive ”hobby” but just like any other hobby (Motorcross, Airsoft etc) you choose where you want to spend your money on. We have collected a few different webshops that you can buy from under links, but I have not yet found any Swedish store that has a complete range yet. The gear comes in different materials, such as leather and neoprene. I have chosen neoprene as it feels more close to the body, becomes one with me. I don’t really get that feeling in eg leather. But it is individual and you should feel your way.

Neoprene is the material you should use if you want to make a little wet play, as it is more resistant to liquids and easy to clean, I have found that standing in a warm shower with the neoprene hood gives a nice and relaxing feeling, a bit like hear rain against a roof. Also wet and other works great. And I renounce responsibility if you manage to get rid of something else that cannot be removed as I have not tested all liquid liquids on the material.